Digg mosaicThis Thursday I wrote an post for Center Networks called “Dear Kevin Rose, Please Create a Photo Section” which was an ad-hoc petition to gauge support for the suggestion. The Digg received over 6,600 votes (and counting). Kevin Rose himself added a cryptic comment to the Digg: “hmm :)” (which received 400+ thumbs up). Friday Techcrunch picked up this story and also linked to the post.

I went through and read almost all of the comments on Digg, Center Networks, and Techcrunch – I was interested to see people reactions and commentary. Some of the users had great suggestions of their own – particularly about grouping the photos into either an art section or consolidating everything into a media category.

The main reason I want to see this change is that I don’t like seeing (often relatively mediocre) photos on the home page. But many Digg users do like seeing photography (judging by the number of diggs that photos receive).

After having some time to digest this, I think a separate Media section would be the best option – and I’d like to see a part of it on the home page, but separated from the main news section. This way you would have your popular stories, your top 10, and a block (perhaps above the top 10) with thumbnails for the top 3-5 videos and photos. Some people might think that it would create clutter, but having what I describe as the default would probably suit most users.

I also think we’re going to see a move towards more personalization on Digg, which will allow users to setup exactly what they want to see and allow them to arrange whatever sections interest them. Google is moving in this direction, so why wouldn’t Digg?

It doesn’t look like the podcasts feature has taken off as much – it’s a static list, which doesn’t really fit well into the “Digg culture”. They could add the podcasts into this media section as well.