Comments, Commenting, and Comment Tracking

Branding tip of the day: When naming your new company/website/concept – do not use generic or common words.

Can you spot the difference between these?

  • Commentful
  • Co.mments
  • coComment

They are 3 separate services doing a very similar thing – tracking comments you make on other websites – but I’d fail a multiple choice test if you asked me which is which. (looking them up as we speak)

Commentful installs a blinking light in your browser, coComment attaches itself to forms you fill out online, and co.mments works via a bookmarklet that allows you to select what posts to track.

I’ve actually tried out all 3 and I don’t think any one of them has it right just yet. Commentful was always blinking because I do a lot of commenting on popular blogs (that other people are constantly commenting on as well). coComment slowed down my browsing because it attached itself to all the forms so there was always an extra second attached to all the page loads. My surfing pattern didn’t fit well with co.mments – I just forgot to click the bookmarklet most of the time.

I’d like to be able to track the comments I make on blogs – but for now I’ll just wait until either one of them gets it right or until cocoCommen.ts launches ;)

Update: Mashable adds 2 specialized services to this list.