Can't Delete WordPress Posts or Comments? iMacros may be to Blame

For the last few months I was having a peculiar problem with Firefox: When I tried to delete a post, page, or comment by pressing the delete link in the WordPress admin panel, nothing would happen. I would have to switch to Internet Explorer anytime I wanted to delete posts.

I thought it had something to do with WordPress or the current version of Firefox. Then the same thing happened when I tried to “Export to CSV” in Azoogle. The problem seems to have been caused by any javascript running an onclick command that required a confirmation box to popup.

Duane had the same problem – he even ran his PC in safe mode but nothing seemed to work.

Well, we finally found the culprit thanks to this thread: iMacros plugin for Firefox. If you’re having the same problem and can’t seem to delete things when running Firefox (or having other javascript issues), uninstall the iMacros Firefox plugin.