Sierra Club magazineLast year an early-20-something couple came to my door promoting the Sierra Club. I signed up, but only because 1. they were not smelly hippies as I would have imagined 2. I felt sorry for their door-to-door hustling ways in the hot Florida sun, and 3. I kind of like nature.

My membership card in hand, I felt like a responsible citizen of the world.

In the coming months, however, I started receiving Sierra Club magazines and other literature, which I found REALLY ironic – preaching a message via dead trees – the very thing they are trying to protect. This had bothered me for quite some time – I NEVER read crap I get in the mail and I always hate seeing so much paper get wasted – I recycle, but I know not everyone does. Besides, recycling is still not as good as “never using the damn tree to begin with”.

A few months ago the Sierra people started calling my cell phone. I never really wanted to talk to them so I always got off the phone pretty fast. But after a number of tries I got pretty fed up with them trying to get me to donate. I told them to take me off every one of their lists, including the mailing list.

I may have stuck around longer, but I really get the feeling the a lot of money donated to the Sierra Club goes towards supporting the machine that is the Sierra Club. If anyone knows of a site with stats of “how much of your money actually goes to help and how much goes to administrative expenses”, please drop me a link in the comments.

Sorry Sierra Club. You just lost a member.