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BrandGoLive's Logo

BrandGoLive has an interesting idea to bring to the market: mass-automatic social network signups.  Of course, BrandGoLive does a little more than large scale social network registration, but that is their core competency.  Why would anyone want to be automatically signed up for hundreds of social networks?  That is an interesting question, and it actually has a very good answer: brand protection.

What’s In a Name?

There is little doubt that social networks are effective avenues of reaching potential and existing customers, both of which are obviously important to any venture.  The question becomes one of how can customers know which username(s) one uses on which social networking website(s)?  While it would be easy to establish a small list of different names on different social networking websites, that could be confusing.  Furthermore, the lack of name uniformity opens the door for imposters to create all kinds of mischief using similar names.  Add to this the fact that nobody knows which social networking site will become the next Twitter of Facebook, and the entire idea of signing up for only a few sites and hoping for the best seems foolish.

Rightly so, and that is why BrandGoLive has an interesting idea.  The only thing missing from BrandGoLive’s repertoire is the ability to do a social-networking-wide name check, which seems like something of a glaring omission considering their target audience.  On the other hand, BrandGoLive covers over 300 social media websites, and the chances of all these sites offering an API that handles name checking is fairly low.  Still, a social-networking-wide name check feature would be very welcome.  That being said, everything else that BrandGoLive has to offer seems to be quite good.

Having one’s brand name reserved on hundreds of social media networks helps eliminate confusion and ensures that someone does not start running amok with one’s hard-earned good name.  Image is a very difficult thing to restore, and for that reason alone even those organizations that do not have social networking plans in the immediate future should take the time to consider their long-term social media strategy.

Going The Extra Mile

Top social networks

Top social networks

BrandGoLive offers more than just social media network signups…a lot more.  The most obvious next step would be to include profiles.  Profiles are important for many reasons, but they may be less important on the hundred or two hundred sites that may never gain traction.  This is why BrandGoLive offers selective profile signups on the top sites that they feel are most worthwhile to a general audience.  The number of profiles that BrandGoLive will create will depend on the plan one purchases, and more on that in a minute.

While signing up and adding profiles are obvious steps, BrandGoLive still has more to offer.  BrandGoLive’s R&D staff has come up with a way to use links in a way that search engines seem to digest and rate highly.  BrandGoLive refers to this as LinkVantage, and can yield great results when paired with active bookmarking and local optimization.  Together, these are virtually guaranteed to impress, and what better way to be impressed than by using Google Analytics to see the results.  By the way, BrandGoLive helps anyone who purchases a plan from them to sign up for Google Analytics.

Before getting into the plans there is one last thing worth mentioning: a free article.  There are many sites that can connect site owners with content writers, but BrandGoLive offers a free article for all of their pay-for plans.

The Plans

On the subject of plans, it is worth noting that BrandGoLive offers a free plan that requires no investment of any kind.  This plan walks users through the process of establishing up to 50 profiles at no cost, but there are no additional frills to be had without paying.  The Silver plan is the most affordable plan (take that bronze!) and costs $97 for 50 profiles of a single website and also includes the Google Analytics and free article.  The Gold plan costs $197 and covers 125 profiles for 2 websites, includes search indexing, the top 5 active bookmarkings, local optimization, Google Analytics, and the free article  The Platinum plan costs $397 covers over 300 profiles for up to 4 websites, the top 10 active bookmarkings, the Google Analytics setup, and the free article.

A common thread in this review would be the fact that BrandGoLive consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty.  There is one more area in which this is undeniably true, and the company calls it a brand protection plan.  For $49 per month, BrandGoLive will register a customer for an additional 25 social networking sites.  How many of those sites will be worth it?  Who knows, but the one or two that do prove to be worth it are certainly worth considering assigning a value to in order to make a wise value call.

The Bottom Line

In the online world, a name is all one might have in the eyes of many potential customers.  BrandGoLive is a great tool for ensuring that one has the ultimate control over what is being said in their name, and it is almost impossible to put a price tag on that.