BoostCTR Review: Boost Advertising Efficacy or Your Money Back!

Do what you do best.  It is classic advice, and in business parlance it is often referred to as sticking to the core competency of a business.  What is one to do if their core competency does not include advertising/copywriting skills?  The answer is that they need to outsource, at least temporarily.  Some copywriting skills can be learned, but some skills are particularly difficult to master.  For example, writing three line advertisements/calls to action that are even shorter than the notoriously minuscule offerings found in newspapers for generations.  For this, BoostCTR might be the place to turn to for outsourcing because this is BoostCTR’s core competency.

The One Potential Flaw

Well, it would be more accurate to say that writing three lines of effective copy is not necessarily BoostCTR’s core competency, but the core competency of their writers.  Those writers are freelancers, and that means that they are transitory by nature; if the economy is down, then it is very likely that BoostCTR will have an ample stable of very capable writers.  If the economy is up, then there might be fewer and/or less talented writers that will be less willing to compete for bargain basement assignments.  It is certainly not fair to hold a single company responsible for the economy, but it is worth pointing out that there may be very strong links between the two in this case.  Perhaps the net effect is very little, but it would be nice to have professional writers on salary to offset this potential risk.

How Does BoostCTR Work?

The big question most people have when first hearing about BoostCTR is simple: how does the service work?  The answer is a little more complex than the question itself, but it is still relatively easy to follow: BoostCTR requires access to one’s AdWords login credentials in order to access existing ad groups which will be used to generate contests.  These contests are not dissimilar to a sort of copywriting fight club (we don’t talk about copywriting fight club) in which the initial text(s) taken from AdWords will be given the position as the reigning champion.  As better texts are created and tested in a real world environment, the champion will (almost always) be dethroned by a contender.  How long can that contender hang on to the crown?  That all depends on the quality and that is one of the best aspects of BoostCTR: the ability to reject texts and try them in the wild ensures effective copy, meaning that there is almost no risk factor.

Keeping Writers On-Board

Cash prizes can also be added to further entice writers to provide excellent copy.  As previously mentioned, this might be necessary in certain situations that may be predicated primarily upon the economy.

Impressive Value

The only risk associated with BoostCTR is that of the payment system, and it truly is not that risky.  In fact, it would be safe to say that it is really only an opportunity cost, and one that is well spent.  Here is how it works: every advertisement group sent in for an upgrade is subject to a toll of 1 credit.  These credits can be purchased in lots of one, three, five, and ten.  The price per advertisement group revision depends on how many credits are purchased at any one time, with more purchased at one time being a better idea for those with a frugal mindset.  The price per ad group for a single credit purchase is $75, while the cost per ad group on a 10 credit purchase is only $50.  Given that the advertisements are already field-proven, even a fee of over $100 would seem quite reasonable.

Agencies Get Something Too

Agencies looking to outsource their highly-specialized three-line copy are in luck too!  BoostCTR has exactly what they need, and that can be good for a number of reasons.  Agencies can certainly increase their bottom line substantially by only receiving quality work for a fair price.  The same is certainly true for webmasters and business operators as well; sticking to what one does best is a great way to make money, but that only works if it is possible to find others who will do what they do best at a reasonable price.  BoostCTR offers top-notch talent at prices that seem very reasonable.