DomainTools recently added a new feature allowing anyone to change the text of any domain name in their database (with a little bit of ajax). So when the computers can’t tell what the domain is “supposed” to mean, you’re supposed to give them a hand.

Well for a bit of end-of-the-week fun, here’s the concept of user contributed content gone awry, straight from Domain Tools itself…

1. Who Represents?
Get your wife something nice.

Who Represents Domain

2. Mole Station Nursery
They have nurseries for moles now?

Mole Station Nursery Domain

3. Therapist Finder
But how does this juvenile prank make you feel? (SNL reference omitted)

Therapist Finder Domain

4. Pen Island
For those who were too cool for the Pen 15 club in middle school.

Pen Island Domain

5. Experts Exchange
For when amateurs just won’t do

Experts Exchange Domain

6. Power Gen Italia
Oh those Italians and their reputations

Power Gen Italia Domain

7. Optics Express
Get it in under an hour

Optics Express Domain

8. A Child’s Haven
A safe place for wolfman’s offspring

A Childs Haven Domain

9. Go Tahoe!
You’re lucky! All I got was this Tahoe t-shirt

Go Tahoe Domain

And yes, this is a rehash of the original “what were they thinking” post, but cooler since it’s all Web 2.0’ed and stuff (just because I defaced a system that uses ajax).