Audio Books I’ve been sitting on this post for a while now, but since Amazon just bought Audible, I figured it was a good time to bring up my newfound love for audio books.

For years I’ve been meaning to read more books. Someone will mention a really great book and I put it on my imaginary wish list, but I never end up buying it. Worse yet, I’ll find myself at a bookstore and buy a book, which makes me feel good about myself but a year later the book is still sitting on the shelf (or has a bookmark through about a fifth of it).

Recently, though I’ve gotten hooked on audio books. I really wish there was a DRM-free service that let you download straight mp3’s to any device of your choosing, but except for some really old out of copyright books (and a few really obscure titles), there’s not much. Audible is pretty much the only option if you want popular titles. Now that Amazon has bought the service, I hope they will eventually convert these audio books to DRM-free MP3’s, but I don’t see that transition happening anytime soon.

Putting the DRM issue aside, getting an Audible account has to be one of the best investments I made in 2007. So far I’ve downloaded a handful of books including my favorite – the 4 Hour Workweek – and I’ve actually finished them, which I can’t say for any book on paper in the last few months.

I mostly listen to audio books in my car, around the house, and during flights. During my last trip to California I downloaded Seth Godin’s the Dip (which was just ok) and the Magic of Thinking Big (which I haven’t yet finished). I think I spent a total of about $23 for 3 audiobooks. For new accounts Audible gives you 1 book per month for $7.49 for each of the first 3 months.

If you decide to get into audio books, I suggest starting with the 4 Hour Workweek. There’s nothing better that listening (or relistening) a book that really inspires you. I often pop in the 4HWW on my way to work just to get my inspired again. It helps you get “hungry” again and again.

Has anyone else gotten addicted to audio books? Feel free to post some recommendations of your own.

I get a bonus if you click on this link: Audible’s $7.49 per month special, but whether you sign up through that or not – do yourself a favor and get Audible.