As Featured on Bloggermania I at CenterNetworks

bloggermania This is a bit surprising but this blog made it into Allen’s Bloggermania I at CenterNetworks. It’s a fun little exercise in bracketology and linkbaiting. I’m just really honored to be included in that mix of heavy-hitters.

It also looks like I just moved into Round II, beating out JoelonSoftware, which is a killer site. Although my reign as the unlikely underdog will surely end now that I’m facing Liz Gabe / GigaOhm, it was still fun to be mentioned in the same list as Neil Patel and Pete Cashmore, (as undeserving as that might seem).

If you haven’t checked out CenterNetworks before, it’s a pretty new site that looks like it’s gunning to be the next Mashable or TechCrunch. With quality posts and a money back guarantee it’s definitely worth adding to your feed reader.