Android Open Source Cellphone – Will Kill off the iPhone and Make You Cookies

The whole (tech) world seems to be astir today about the announcement of Google-led Android Open Source cell phone platform.

For years people have been clamoring for better cell phones and easier ways to access the web. The iPhone moved the bar up and showed us what a phone can be – and for that I have to give it credit, it was an important step to advancing UI for mobile devices. But Apple looks like it might get left in the dust, come second quarter of 2008.

Android looks like a giant leap for mankind towards an inevitable future – a world where we enjoy the web in a handset the same way we enjoy it on our desktops; a phone that runs apps created by users themselves – the totally personalized phone / web browser. 3 billion users worldwide have been largely underserved – this is the new frontier.

Overnight, the iPhone pales in comparison to what Android promises – a world of possibilities, unrestricted to any single company or carrier.

Whether it will actually make you cookies – that remains to be seen.