Airfare Search Simplified – Announcing Airdig Public Beta

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Here’s the scenario. You’re sitting down to look for a cheap flight from New York to San Francisco two weeks from now. You’re smart so you go to Kayak, put in your airport and dates and wait for the fares to pop up. You also know that there’s no such thing as a sure bet in the airfare game.

You then search a number of competing sites that get slightly different airfare data from the airlines. You go to Orbitz, Cheap Tickets, Expedia and retype your searches into each and every one. You also know Jetblue serves your cities and would like to compare their rates since you like the extra legroom. That’s 5 different sites, 5 different windows, 5 different searches – all taking precious time out of your busy day.

You know rates might be different later this evening and even tomorrow. So later in the day you go through the routine again. And then again tomorrow. Yadda yadda yadda.

Enter AirDig.

You type in your airports and dates once. You’re 1 click away from searching any of the 10 most popular sites on the web. A few clicks later you know the prices from all the important sites on the web. You even take notes in the sidebar so you can compare fares.

Maybe the fares will be lower later today. You come back to AirDig. Your flight info is saved so you’re just 1 click away from all the searches (again). The same tomorrow. You save a ton of time, you find the cheapest possible fare. You fly happy.

W00t! As Jeremy would say “It’s like fishing with dynamite”.

So what are you waiting for? Be one of the first people to take AirDig for a spin. (Oh, and if you like it, please share it with a friend and/or bookmark it and/or blog about it. Thanks!)