Add Photos to Your Blog with Photo Dropper

Photo Dropper If you run a WordPress blog, you know how tedious it is to find and add images to your posts. You can either buy stock photos from sites like istockphoto or you can search Flickr Creative Commons. If you go with Creative Commons, you still have to find the right photo, download it, upload it to your site, add the right attribution links, etc. – it’s fairly time consuming.

Enter Photo Dropper.

Photo Dropper makes it dead simple to add Flickr photos to your posts.

Photo Dropper WordPress Plugin

After you download the plugin & activate it, it will add a small search box to your “Write Post” panel and every time you need a photo you can run a search, find the right one, and drop it in your post with a single click. It even adds attribution links automatically.

Photo in a Post

Plus there’s an option to show only those photos that can be used commercially (per Graywolf’s suggestion).

Basically, this plugin simplifies and automates the process of adding freely available Flickr photos to your blog.

If you’re not using images in your blog posts to attract more attention (all the top blogs do), now might be a a good time to start by taking advantage of Creative Commons and the brand new Photo Dropper plugin.